30 Days till 30 Years

Darkness Fades

In exactly 30 days I will turn 30. To celebrate, I’ve come up with a few ideas to commemorate this momentous occasion. Here they are:

1). Have a different baked good each day, and write something short about it.

2). Learn a new word each day, and write my thoughts about the new word.

3). Connect with a friend, and practice love and gratitude for them being in my life, then write about this experience and the friendship.

I know it will be very difficult to do one post every day, about three different things, but I’m up for the challenge. So, on with the 30 days!


3 thoughts on “30 Days till 30 Years

  1. soniariahi on said:

    Loving this Jason!! (By the way, you should connect with me as one of the 30 lol). I just started a blog to celebrate my time before 30 too – year of dares….but I’ve spaced it out over a year: I can’t handle the pressure of a blog a day, let alone 3 blogs a day :0)

  2. soniariahi on said:

    Lovin’ this Jason! (by the way, you should connect with be as one of your 30 lol). I just started a site yesterday to count-down my time before 30 – http://yearofdares.com. But I had to space it out over a year – I couldn’t handle a blog a day, let alone 3 a day – you’re a hero.

  3. jasluttrell on said:

    Thank you! I will check out your 30 dares blog soon! That sounds like a lot of fun, but also very challenging. Three posts a day is a lot of work, but two of the posts are pretty easy. The best part of this is that there are WAY MORE than 30 people in my life to give thanks to, and you are definitely one of them. I’d really enjoy catching up with you soon. Maybe we can Skype, Gchat, or Facetime!

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