I’ve made the choice to restart this blog. Initially it was to fulfill three goals for the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday back in April: 1) learn a new word every day and write my thoughts on how the word applies to my life, 2) have a different baked good or pastry every day, and 3) express my love and gratitude for the friends and people in my life, because they help shape me into the awesome person I am.

With these goals completed and the birthday candles long blown out, I said goodbye to these goals and thought that I had moved on to another set of (as yet) undefined goals. But as I cruised through summer and tackled a lot of fun things off my Portland to-do list, I noticed something was missing. I wasn’t as happy or as fulfilled as I felt during those 30 days before my birthday. I’m sure the high sugar intake had something to do with my good mood, as well as learning something new, but most importantly, I know it was the connections and gratitude I was building for the people in my life.

So in an effort to feel a little more fulfilled, happier, and alive in the moments spent with people important to me, I’m getting my spirit back and restarting or recharging these goals and this blog. I won’t post every day, because that proved to be very difficult, but I will post when I learn a new word, when I have a baked good (which is often), and when I spend some quality time with good friends (which, thankfully, is really very often). Hopefully you enjoy reading this, and, even more so, I hope you’re inspired to do the same. These efforts have made a huge change in my life; they’ll do the same for you as well.

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One thought on “Restart

  1. William Spiegel on said:

    I am more than excited you are back blogging. I loved reading about your life-escapades through pastries and close friends. I can’t wait to see the new directions in your posts. Miss you very much.

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