Agog, adj.

In eager desire.

This seems like such a silly word; as if it were something Dr. Seuss created to describe one of his zany characters. When you say this word aloud, it feels as though you’re a fish, your mouth filling with a bubble of air and then gurgling out with all those “g’s”. I like this word quite a bit, though. There’s something about it’s zaniness that makes the definition so fitting. When we pursue something in an agog way, we are doing so in eager desire, buzzing with excitement fueled by nerves and adrenalin.

I find strength in those giddy, quirky feelings. Those moments when your stomach turns with nausea and anxiety because you are nervous. It means that you are excited about giving your presentation or performance. It means that whatever you’re doing it really matters to you and the outcome resonates with what you believe in and the outcome you expect. If you’re not filled with agog passion, why are you really bothering to do something at all?

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