Nonage, n.

A period of youth or immaturity.

I’ve experienced a lot of growth in the last year. When I look back on the last three to four years of my life, a lot of initial feelings and memories are a bit hazy, almost blank. I know I did exciting things: many great trips, a move to a new city, starting a business, learning new skills, etc. But there was not a great deal of personal growth. The last year has been marked by change: so much so that the last year feels crammed, while the last few years saw change at a more gradual pace. The result is this year feels as though my nonage has ended. I’m a better, more thoughtful person than I’ve ever been. It hasn’t been easy–I’ve cried, felt hurt, bravery, courage, empathy, and love. I feel less immature as well.

As I cross this thirty years threshold I feel more responsible for my actions, and the call to e more thoughtful. My youth has ended, and I’m OK with this.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the differences between being in your early twenties versus the late twenties. Throughout the twenties we make mistakes, and we will still make mistakes (hopefully different ones). But in your late twenties you have a stronger sense of who you are. In your thirties, I hope the nonage continues on its gradual decline. I think in our thirties we know who we are and do not seek out the approval of others as much, but feel as though we belong more in our own skin and in our communities. This is my hope, at least.

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