Frisson, n.

A sudden passing of sensation of excitement, thrill, or a shudder of emotion.

This is an exciting word to know. How many of us have walked through a rainy day and the sun has come out for just a moment, and the world is so much brighter? For me, it’s that moment when I am tuned out to the world with headphones plugged in, and a song comes on with a brilliant cello part. I shudder a little, and feel that tingle up my spine, and a smile spreads across my face.

And then there’s that moment when you steal stolen glances at an attractive person, and then you catch them glancing at you as well? The world is full of frisson, but you have to tune your body to it, to accept the feeling, and experience it fully.

I’ve lived a few years of my life where I was not allowing myself to see these excellent moments, and to have the feelings of frisson. I refer to these as my “crisis management” modes, when I tune out and work as hard as possible to accomplish whatever needs to happen to push through the stress. But this is exactly when we need to slow ourselves down so that we are reinvigorated by this feeling; it reminds us we are alive, and what it really means to live.

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2 thoughts on “Frisson, n.

  1. Perfect word for a romance author to use. (: Thank you!

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