My Housie Shannon

Once, almost three years ago, I was several beers into the night, and a beautiful woman with flowing hair and her smiling friend joined my table to enjoy the live music, the beer, and start some conversation. I later learned they were trying to pick me and my friends up, but what followed was an unforgettable night, and the first friends I made after moving to Portland.

I feel as though Shannon and I had an instant connection; we are both pretty laid back, can be quiet, can laugh and encourage each others silliness, and are not adept with small talk. Our personalities seemed to meld because we both have some introverted tendencies, but can be extroverted when the occasion calls for it.

One of the first times I visited her home I was given a tour, and in the basement floor I remember thinking “the ceiling is really low! I could never live here.” Two years later, on a beautiful July day, I was moving my stuff in, and shortly after we had an epic summer barbecue with thirty of our friends. It was a liberating moment, the conclusion of my nomadic month and a half of searching for a living space and my self. The move and the party was also a symbol for creating my new life and loving who I am and who I spend my time with.

Shannon has provided me with stability, a safe space, a touching and poignant friendship, and copious amounts of coffee from Annabelle, her Swiss coffee machine. I love Shannon deeply. Recently, she and I were sitting at the kitchen table with two others who were laughing and taking things lightly, and Shannon looked at me and immediately asked those probing, deeper-level questions I’ve come to love and respect from her. She rarely talks about our daily events, but loves to talk about what is going on inside of our heads and our hearts, and it’s one of the most authentic friendships I’ve had. I never feel as though I would be judged by her, and I never need to hide anything from her. I trust her completely, love our friendship immensely, and can’t imagine living anywhere else, or with anyone else. She’s a wonderful and passionate person to be around, and she makes me feel magnificent every day.

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