Apposite, adj.

Suitable,  well-adapted, pertinent, relevant, apt, or appropriate.
This is a word that I struggle to pronounce without making it sound as though I mean “opposite”. But it’s an important word to know and internalize, I feel, because there have been a number of moments in my life where things have happened that made me uncomfortable, but they were apposite moments because I learned from these experiences.
When I drove to Alaska with my friend Andrea right after my break up, it was an apposite trip. There was something about the hum of the open road, counting the white dashes, that helped me be at peace with my thoughts. To remove myself from the buzz of the city and surround myself in the Yukon wilderness is a transformative experience, one I’ve been lucky to have twice (so far).
The idea of honoring my friends, my love of words, and my baked good obsession is an example of an apposite experience. I wasn’t always ready and willing to expose myself so openly to those around me. I feel as though I grew up in a family where people are closed off and hard to reach. I’ve carried this into my adult life, and I’m learning to shed that away. It makes me uncomfortable to be the first one to bring up a difficult conversation, but the discomfort is necessary and apposite. I’ve changed so much in the last twenty-some days, and though I haven’t fully committed to this yet, I will likely continue this project of honoring my friends and those around me after my thirtieth birthday. I will certainly continue to tell those people in my life that I love and respect them, but I will likely write about the experiences as well, because it has been cathartic.
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