Beth is one of the first people I met after moving to Portland. She tried to pick me up at a beer festival, to mixed results. She didn’t get the boyfriend she was after, but she got me as a friend, for better or worse.

Recently I celebrated her birthday, and it was an exciting time to see her cross the decade threshold that I’m about to stumble across. Her life is full of adventure and antics, and I’m sure the next few decades will be no different.

What sets Beth apart from my friends is her sense of adventure and belief that anything is possible. She has lived all over the country, Australia, and in Europe, she has successfully changed careers in one of the most difficult economic climates, and for the most part, has done this with a smile, creativity, and dogged determination. In the two years I’ve known her we have both had some significant hardships in the relationships and career arenas. For the most part, we’ve handled the trials well, but each in our own way. Through Beth I’ve learned there are a number of ways to overcome an obstacle, and I’ve seen her try with all her might to make her life better. She’s had her ups and downs, but is persistent to pull through.

It had been a few months since I’d seen Beth. She’s been working very hard at establishing her relationship and building her new career. When I saw her the other night I was reminded of her energy, her constant smile, and her optimism. I can be such a rigid person, but it’s refreshing to get caught up in Beth’s carefree attitude, if even for just an hour. Living in the moment is one of her best skills, and it’s something she imparts on me. We’ve shared difficult conversations before, where each of us almost lost our cool and broke down, but we’ve also experienced giggle fits that result in beer coming out of our noses. Whether she meant to or not, she picked me up that night at the beer festival, and I’m better for it.

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