Brilliant Becca

In the past few months I’ve felt my friendship with Becca change and grow. In the past, we would meet at parties, festivals, or other large gatherings, exchange a few words, say our goodbyes, and then see each other in another few weeks or months. Lately though, I’ve seen more of Becca, mostly because I’m weaseling my way into her group of energetic and driven friends.

I’ve always been impressed by Becca; it seems she can do anything she sets her mind to. I know that she wakes up very early, works full time at a very demanding job, spends time with her closest friends, and somehow is able to go on a long distance run as if she were merely strolling through a park. She sometimes has multiple engagements to attend, and her energy always appears to be constant. I know that when she does get tired (which never shows), she politely makes her exit, and I really admire this about her. She knows when she needs to take care of herself, and this is a lesson I need to learn and include in my life. I often feel as though I’m stretching myself too thin. But Becca is helping me by example to change this and to take care of myself.

Becca’s most striking traits are her quiet resolve and determination. In a large group of people, she’s rarely the center of attention, but she’s never ignored either. She seems at peace letting others talk, but she’s also perfectly willing to engage in meaningful conversation with me and others. In the last few months, our conversations have become more personal and probing, more honest, and comforting. She is understanding and patient as she listens to me talk and talk, and when she has something to say it is always relevant and thought-provoking.

I’m excited to watch our friendship grow and develop because I’m confident it is headed to a wonderful place. I look up to her, I’m inspired by her, and I’m proud and grateful she is in my life.

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