Sidereal, n.

1. Of or pertaining to the stars 2. determined by or from the stars, as in time.

I’m cheating a little; I already know this word. I forget how I first learned it, but it has come into my life again fortuitously, and I’m excited to share this word.

As a kid, I remember standing in my expansive backyard up at the sky, looking at Orion. He was always the constellation I was drawn to, not just because he’s the easiest to spot during the winter months (and part of the summer), but because of the idea of being a warrior in the sky. That sparked my imagination, and now that I think about it, I was looking to the beauty in the darkness of the sky to understand the world.

I remember the first trip I took to the Southern Hemisphere. I landed in Christchurch on a cloudy day, and couldn’t see the stars. It wasn’t until the next night, in Lake Ohau, I stood out in the cold winter and saw my first glimpse of the Southern Cross, the constellation mariners would use to guide their way. I was in New Zealand seeking peace and solace from the clutches of grief and loss, and seeing these tiny pinpricks of light helped to guide my way towards a life full of adventure and love.

This is my sidereal story. One day, I will go in peace and find myself among the stars.

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