Largesse, n.

1. Generous bestowal of gifts 2. The gift or gifts, as of money, so bestowed.

While no one has generously bestowed me with any gifts of money, except Uncle Sam (thankyouverymuch), it doesn’t matter; money is fleeting. I am fortunate to have the largesse of my friends, who are the best people to have surrounding me with their love and advice. Part of this 30 Days till 30 Years project is to express love and gratitude, and what I’ve come to learn and respect is that my friends have made me who I am, they have changed me irrevocably, and they will always be there for me. Some have come and gone, others will enter my life for a fleeting moment, but I can treat my life as Rumi’s Guest House; I can honor them all and respect what they bring to me (whether good or bad). I’ve been overwhelmed by the power of gratitude and the positive responses I’ve received from people by expressing how grateful I am, I really have learned that every one in my life is a largesse that moves me and motivates me to better myself.

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