Eidetic, adj.

Of, pertaining to, or constituting visual imagery vividly experienced and readily reproducible with great accuracy and in great detail.

This is a really great word; just sounding it out is an incredibly vivid experience. All of those vowels and the three sharp consonants intermingling. I think we can all remember those moments tucked away in our memory that we can recall with striking details and accuracy. I’ve had a few moments myself. Last night while walking under some cherry blossom trees, the wind started blowing, and the flower petals shook loose from their limbs and danced in the air before silently landing on the ground. This eidetic moment will always be carved into my memory, as well as the scent of green apples while standing on the warm sand, looking out over the Pacific ocean in Hawaii. Or that sensation of my first bungee jump, where the world suspended for a fraction of a second and my voice caught in my throat, and everything went silent. Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely eidetic.

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