Jeffycakes, AKA Jeff

Tonight I was able to continue building a bridge with my good friend Jeff. he lives in Utah, and we didn’t spend much time together when we lived in the same state, but thanks to the magic of Facebook and Gchat, we were able to reconnect this past summer.

It had been about three years since I had actually spoken to Jeff, and to first hear his voice on the phone that sunny June day was strange and somewhat uncomfortable. But Jeff has this way of making me feel at ease, and a way to make me laugh and smile. Naturally, we have common interests; we are avid readers, total nerds, have an addiction to food, and can poke fun of each other without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Somehow, Jeff elicits the most natural sense of comfort from me. For nearly a year I’ve been working very hard at being vulnerable, open, and honest about every aspect in my life. Jeff has never judged me or argued with me; he has only asked me questions to help me come to my own conclusions, and when I get stuck in my head, he simply says something that makes me laugh. He’s brilliant, ridiculous, adorable, and optimistic. I know we are in each others lives to help each other see different perspectives, and I know that I need him in my life because he helps me to appreciate everything, except celery.

I don’t know the last time I saw Jeffycakes, but I can’t wait to show him around this city and cross more bridges with him.

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