Vitrescent, adj.

1. Becoming glass 2. tending to become glass 3. capable of being formed into glass

I was drawn to this word while flipping through the dictionary because of one of my favorite books, The Girl With Glass Feet, by Ali Shaw. In this story, the main character is slowly turning into glass, starting with her feet. This vitrescent transformation serves as a symbol throughout the book of people who don’t live with their whole hearts and people who are afraid to journey into the world. The imagery is extremely vivid and has stuck with me since I read the book. It made me think of a few times in my life when I was closed off; while in high school, I didn’t reach out to anyone while in pain because I wanted to shelter myself. After graduating college when I did the same thing; building walls around my world so people couldn’t hurt me, and most recently, after my relationship failed and I wanted to appear solid. I thought building walls was a safe thing to do, but now I know that the walls were made of glass; anyone with a discerning eye could look right through them and see me for what I really was. And when the walls came crumbling down, that’s when I knew this forced vitrescent personality was a sham. By fighting so hard to appear strong, I retrorsely made myself as fragile as glass.

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