One word: Leon

Me, Leon, and KathrynThere really isn’t any way to capture the essence of Leon. He’s one-of-a-kind, a little bit odd and quirky, but 100% loyal and friendly. He effortlessly entered my safety net group of friends and won his way into my life with his charm, good nature, and mystery.

When I first met him, both Kathryn and I were confused and confounded by this mystery man. We didn’t understand how he was nominated to our group of friends, and neither of us were sure how he would fit in. He seemed cool, so I went along with it, until we went on a hike on Mt St. Helens, and Leon recounted some of the more interesting stories of his life, which includes the heads of squirrels (you’ll have to ask him about that one). It was then that I knew this guy was for real; that there was a bit of a mystery behind him, but that he was also willing to open up and recount some of the most embarrassing and awkward moments of his life for a good laugh and a hard-earned lesson.

I’ve learned a lot from Leon. He has ambition for building relationships in his life, and he has a calmness about him that I could really adopt for myself. He can be eloquent, or he can confuse you with an assault of inappropriate acronyms, but either way, his carefree attitude shows that he is always up for a good time, and can be at ease in a crowded stadium, a noisy bar, or drinking beers in his apartment-like cave. Observing Leon makes me feel as though my life is frenetic, and I can see that while things can be difficult for him, he can still display peace and ease when he’s in the company of some of his best and closest friends. I’m proud to be a part of his closest friends, because I have a lot to learn from him, and together we can define our goals for the relationships in our life. Or at least we can try, while we tip back a few in the name of a good happy hour.

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