Drub v., vt.

1. To beat with a stick 2. To instill (e.g., an idea or lesson) forcefully 3. to berate or criticize harshly

This word is an interesting one because it has three meanings that grow in intensity and effect. For the first definition, I’m pleased to say that I have never beaten anyone with a stick, but when I first started to play music I was a percussionist, so it seemed natural to beat things with a (drum)stick.

I can think of a number of times in my life where a lesson was learned in a forced way. There are the obvious examples: long division, learning to budget money, obeying a curfew. But there are those other lessons that are less obvious, but far more pernicious and baneful: learning to hide from bullying, learning to lie to avoid being shamed, learning to grieve when I’ve lost a friend, and learning how to pick up my life after losing a relationship.

In all of those examples (except maybe the long division one), I felt berated, but my response was to criticize harshly, to drub in return. It was a way to fight back. I would say that the bullies were mean because they hated themselves (probably true), I drubbed the driver of the other car that took my friend from me, and I rebuked and criticized someone I loved because I couldn’t understand why I was hurting. I am still criticizing harshly because I haven’t learned to let go. But I know by continuously chiding those who have taken something from me in life, I am drubbing the dead horse, and I am not moving on, letting go, or learning to forgive. It seems you cannot be drubbed into forgiveness, it has to come from another place.

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