Bouncing with Brooke

Me and BrookeTonight I had the damn fine pleasure of enjoying one of my favorite Bluegrass bands, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, bouncing along to the music with one of the most energetic and caring people I know.

As I’ve said before, sometimes people come into my life, and like a tornado, I don’t know where they came from, but they’ve changed me irrevocably. Brooke is one of those individuals. I don’t remember meeting her, but by her vivacious attitude for life I know I’ll never forget her. She and I have shared some wonderfully exciting adventures together; we have gone on some of the best runs of my life, including the one pictured here, as well as another run that ended with an icy slip-n-slide and a hot tub. We have baked some delicious treats together, and have discovered great new music.

I’m always amazed by her level of energy–it is unparalleled and, by all accounts, impossible. I’m convinced she never sleeps. But her willingness to live life for the moment is inspiring, captivating, and awesome. While her smile is always effervescent, her heart is big and open. She has helped me through some of the most difficult moments in the last two years, and I’m eternally grateful to her. Somehow, she can ask just the right questions at just the right time, and is able to reassure me, offer guidance, and give me the strength to grow.

I will try to keep up with her level of energy and enthusiasm for life. I have the tendency of letting the world get me down, but Brooke can get me bouncing to the beat with just a flash of her beautiful smile and bright, caring eyes.

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