Some time with Bryan

Steel BridgeThere are people that enter your lives at just the right time to teach you just the right lessons; the things you need to know the most in order to heal and develop. There may be some element of fate or kismet to this, or it may just be that when you reach this space you are open to listen to what others have to say, and this is where you can grow.

Bryan and I met at a Christmas movie-themed pajama party (yes, that really happened). The details of that party aren’t really as important as the result. The weekend we met was a very wild time in my life, and Bryan was the harbinger of calm and peace that I needed to see. I got an unexpected phone call from him a few days after we met, and we decided to meet up for coffee. Bryan explained to me that he felt a connection between the two of us while we were at this party, as if “I really knew what was being said.” And this is very true: Bryan stands out among the crowd not only because he’s tall and energetic, but he’s personable and sincere, and I was ready to listen and learn.

We’ve spent a good deal of time together over the last few months, and though he’s a newer addition to my life, he is someone that is very important to me. He introduced me to his amazing group of friends who have been warm, supportive, and excellent in every way possible. We’ve gone on runs together, eaten sushi with our bare hands, and danced the night away. I enjoy these wild times, but I respect how Bryan is able to balance this with reflective, pensive, and poignant conversations about forgiveness, respect, truth, and authenticity. We’ve sat in restaurants discussing our lives and how we really feel about those big life moments that shape our character, and there is no pretense or ulterior motive, other than to help the other come to a heightened sense of understanding.

Bryan has challenged me in a lot of ways that are necessary and healthy. He has shown me how he continuously asks himself “am I living up to my true potential?”, “am I being authentic?”, and “is this my version of the truth?”. These are questions I had previously never thought to ask myself, but now that I see them I see how important they are.

I’m grateful for these lessons he has brought to my life. I’m grateful he has shown me a balance between extroversion and introversion. And I’m grateful to continue to build a bridge with him as we bounce ideas off of each other, even if we spend an evening eating tuna and boxed macaroni and cheese while discussing how awful lifting weights makes us feel (for this is our version of the truth, and yes, this really happened).

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