Reconnect with Brad

Fremont BridgePart of this 30 Days till 30 Years project is to look at my life and my friends and let them know how much they mean to me, in the effort to practice love and gratitude. Some people will be friends I speak to every day, others will be friends I have lost touch with over time. Building bridges and connections with people is increasingly important to me, and today I was able to reconnect with my friend Brad.

As with a lot of my friends, I don’t exactly remember how we met. I believe Brad and I met at a Salon Q event in July of 2011. I remember we were able to converse quickly and with ease, and I was impressed by his affability and kindness. He remarked that he was impressed with my ability to keep my cool even though my then-recent-ex was in the same vicinity. We exchanged our contact information, and over time, got together for drinks, coffee, concerts, and the like. During the course of this friendship, Brad proved to be a person I could speak to without any trepidations of judgment; he listened to me openly, bounced ideas off of me, and helped me to think critically. About four months had passed where I hadn’t seen much of him; our schedules were conflicting, the holidays were busy, etc. Today we got together for coffee for about an hour, and immediately dove right into the kind of deep conversations I respect and admire. We were able to pick up exactly where we left off, and after we said our goodbyes, I had a new set of things to think about, thanks to him.

When I mentioned my possible future plans his encouragement and optimism was both inspiring and reassuring. When he mentioned his plans for his future, I could sense his excitement and drive towards completing his goal, and I felt swept up in the frenzy. It’s amazing how even one hour with this friend allows me to think about my life in profound ways, and how grateful I am to build this bridge with him.

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